Our Services are available at various Phases as may be useful to your Project:


Pre-Design Services

We can assist you in Programming functions to be encompassed in your project, studying Feasibility, reviewing zoning and other Code requirements, certain aspects of Due Diligence, and performing numerous studies that are prudent before embarking on any significant development.


Master Planning

for projects comprised of multiple buildings, longer development times, or more complex conditions.


Conceptual Design

based on your statement of functional needs. We assist you in addressing the programmed functions to be encompassed in your building.


Design Development

to refine concepts and begin hardlining from sketches to more defined drawings and material choices.


Construction Document Preparation

to the degree of detail required for your project.


Construction Contract Administration

including Construction Site Visitation & Reporting, and Submittal Review, as may be required to complete your project satisfactorily and efficiently.

For many disciplines, our in-house staff provides services directly to our clients. For certain others, we seek the best available consultants to provide services in coordination with ours. We work with you to help you select the level of service you need.