Custom Residential Design & Architecture

Our Registered Architects bring a combined 70 years of experience in detached homes for demanding individuals to your service. We devote our knowledge & skills to the needs and wants of each client, whether involving new bespoke construction, additions & alterations to an existing home, or historic renovation. We are available for brief, on-site consultations, too.

River Club Residence 2

Battery Park, Sweetbottom

Thompson Residence, Sweetbottom

Addition & Alteration in Historic College Park, Georgia

Carol Lane Residence

Reynolds Residence, Brookhaven, Georgia

Opening the Ranch House — a Case Study in Home Renovation

Renovation & Adaptation to Historic Home designed by Leila Ross Wilburn, Candler Park

The Jack Russell House

Additions and Alterations to a Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Design

Hang Glider House

Residence in a Sacred Grove

Martin Residence

Yohan Residence