Addition & Alteration in Historic College Park, Georgia

Alterations and additions are often challenging to design, but even more so in designated historic areas, such as this home in Old Downtown College Park, Georgia. We hope we’ve delighted a family and the surrounding community with a major addition and a dramatic alteration that still fits the neighboring context.

Following an excellent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday, November 20, 2016, by Lori Johnston, we are adding more photographs of the completed home right here on our website. You may want to check out the news article, but do scroll down and have a look at our gallery.

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Welcome Home! At the end of a hard day at school or work, don’t we all seek the harbor lights of home in the evening dusk? We cherish the warm glow of porch lights, the hugs of family, and the sweet smell of supper in the oven, soon in a plate on the table before us. Our welcoming porch, looking south on Madison Street, invites family and guests to enjoy the hospitality inside.

IMG 0005crop20160116

Welcoming Side Porch with Entry to Den. Master Suite is above.

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Adding to the challenge in this instance is the corner lot configuration, which exposes more of the house to view from the side street. Rather than present a blank face to the surrounding community, as some previous flippers had done (see the “before” picture),  we designed a side porch to allow gracious relaxation and as a sally portal for children to walk to school. Within the community context, it may be seen from blocks south along Madison Street as a gracious termination, has a view down Madison toward the school, and welcomes informal visitors to the heart of the home as they stroll up the street to say hello.

Awhile back, when it was under construction, we posted a blog describing some contextual influences that led to this design. Now, we’re pleased to show photographs of the built result.

While modifying & upgrading the roof, we retained the scale of the original front of the house to maintain visual consistency with the closest neighboring homes. The original front porch remains a “front door” by which formal visitors may enter the Sitting Room and more public parts of the house. We also moved the drive nearer to the rear of the house and added landscaping to the front.

IMG 0006

Front Porch and new roof retain scale of nearby homes (just out of this view to the left), transitioning to larger addition at rear and right side of home. See “Before” photo.


A Flipper adds a coat of paint and some landscaping, leaving the problems behind a facade that looks like new, but isn’t. Your architect asks you the hard questions about how you want to live, gets down to the nitty-gritty, and works out most of the hard part on paper, to keep you from having to face the expensive task of major changes after a mistake has been built. It’s far cheaper to make a change on paper than tearing down and building over!raftertaildtl

Architecture is problem solving. We address many issues as opportunities to improve the siting of a home and to help our clients’ daily routines flow more smoothly. Nor is this the limit of what we do as architects.

As an integral part of our design and careful detailing, we seek those elements of delight that are so important to the enjoyment of one’s domestic surroundings. Details in this home reflect the Arts and Crafts era of design that is so treasured today, though we are versatile in many historic details, as well as unique and innovative concepts not used before.


Here, the careful geometry of exposed rafter tails repeats to impart a quiet rhythm to the design, as seen from a quiet seat, relaxing on the porch. The colors are warm earth tones, and we carefully utilize smooth river stone, traditional siding, and wood shingles to add texture that invites the eye to come, rest awhile, and visit.

Please click Gallery Photos to enjoy more of this warm and lovely home, which our clients have generously allowed us to share. Reference the pictures for your own future projects, and kindly respect the owners’ privacy. Contact us if we may be of assistance with your own home.

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Looking at the right, rear corner of the house, the terrain drops substantially, necessitating a Garage below the Main Level of the house. This allows the house to scale down closer to the heights of many nearby homes, but it also affords very handy Bonus Space over the Garage!

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