The Jack Russell House


This classic traditional home for a professional couple includes approximately 3,920 square feet of heated area over a partial, unfinished basement. It features substantial interior case goods, as well as exterior trim and brick detailing. It is named in honor of a charming and energetic pup who led us through our initial tour of it, after our clients had occupied their new, custom home in a beautiful, bucolic exurb of Atlanta, Georgia.


At the Entry Porch, rather than a heavy, bold column at its corners, we welcome guests with multiple, light and airy columns. These are delicately proportioned & topped with Corinthian capitals to maintain a transparency that encourages guests to approach the front door.

From this approach, the home is very formal, respecting visitors with rectangular corners facing forward, and with detailing that emphasizes this plan geometry. The three major gables are axially symmetrical about the entrance. Shadow lines from the quoins at the corners of the two lower gables emphasize this, with the entry porch standing forward from the facade.


Windows flanking the front door are topped with segmental arches with pre-cast keystones, thus offering visual variety and softening the otherwise rectilinear composition.

Brick detailing continues from the front, around the sides and to the rear of the home, as do traditional moldings and trim. Detailing is simplified at the rear, although we have attended to the pleasantness of views of the home from all sides. A round window provides natural light for the private stair near the rear of the home.


Quality trim work and case goods are detailed throughout the home. Most are site-built, but some were fabricated in the shop of the General Contractor, who specialized in interior case goods.

One example is the cabinetry that flanks the fireplace in the Great Room. It includes an enclosure to hide a television when not in use, as well as display shelves surrounding that. There is enclosed space below for electronic equipment and passageways behind for wiring.

To add more light in the Kitchen, while maximizing storage space, there are clerestory windows above the wall cabinets. Under-cabinet task lighting supplements the ceiling lights for food preparation.

The U-shaped cabinet layout surrounds an island with a veggie sink, prep area and a 3-sided snack counter. The Kitchen is partly open on one side to the Keeping Room, where family members can enjoy each others’ company while preparing meals, doing homework, or entertaining themselves. Expansive views of the lush woodlands are seen through the ample windows we designed in Kitchen and Keeping, and a large Deck allows for many outdoor activities, as well.

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