Cabbagetown Gateway Mixed Use Community


Cabbagetown Gateway is a Mixed-Use Community we designed to offer apartments, townhomes, live-work units, offices, and street-facing retail shops. It is located on Memorial Drive, between Estoria Street and Pearl Street, in historic Cabbagetown, near downtown Atlanta. Cabbagetown is a designated Landmark District near downtown Atlanta and, as one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, carefully preserves its heritage.


This Site Plan shows our final Master Plan sketch, as approved by the Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association, the Neighborhood Planning Unit, and the City of Atlanta, following many meetings with stakeholders.

Our architects & planners worked with the developer, the neighborhood association, nearby property owners, city planners, and other municipal agencies for more than a year to comply with provisions of the historic ordinance and of requirements for the improvement of Memorial Drive through special overlay zoning. Although a lengthy and costly process, it succeeded in gaining approval by all parties, and after submittal of approved construction documents to the city, it began construction.

An early conceptual sketch, looking west along Memorial Drive at the intersection with Pearl Street, was later refined to incorporate greater density, adapt to steeper terrain revealed by an updated survey, and better conform with the architectural character of the historic neighborhood.


Illustration by Taian Wang. Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved Drawing Board Atlanta Inc. Used by permission.


At left is the Pearl Street face of a proposed version of a residential block with retail below. At right, materials on live-work units reflect the industrial buildings across the street.

The corrugated metal "shed" atop the high roof was designed as a stair shelter. Considered as a "roof appurtenance", it did not count in the official measure of "height" of the building. It allows residents to access a roof deck with panoramic urban views, enhancing delight in living here.

Establishing a 3-story residential block above a 16' high retail floor facing busy Memorial Drive assured vibrancy to enliven the street, a crucial aspect of successful infill development.


Proposed Memorial Drive Elevation is inspired by the vocabulary of the Fulton Cotton Bag Mill, which has dominated Cabbagetown since its inception.
Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved Drawing Board Atlanta Inc. Used by permission.

Because of its position between two primary streets entering the eastern end of Cabbagetown, we named this project "Cabbagetown Gateway", and we conceived it as a portal to this special neighborhood that we hope will enhance the amazing quality of life already found here. Windows & doors provide eyes on the street, but many happy neighbors provide feet on the street that bring a neighborhood and a city to life!

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