Apartment Renovation Concepts

A client bought a 26 unit apartment complex that had been abandoned for more than 5 years and asked our architects designers & planners conduct studies to determine physical needs, code requirements, and design opportunities. Due to its dereliction, the city considered this to be a "new" project and required that it meet full current codes, or else be demolished.


Through a lengthy process lasting more than a year, we negotiated with the city and neighborhood groups. This involved extensive presentation to the Neighborhood Planning Unit, the Urban Design Commission, Fire Marshall, and other agencies from which we needed approvals before construction could begin. Adding to the complexity was the fact that these were built in 1960, in the designated Historic District of Grant Park in the City of Atlanta, where surrounding buildings were much older.


These are some of the presentation materials we used during the process.

Water detention became a major issue that was solved by Gaddy Surveying & Design as part of their extensive participation in the planning process. On a 1 acre site, the land drops by approximately 50 feet! Construction began in 2009. (to be continued . . . )

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