Historic Office Renovation

Corner View showing wrought iron upper level porch

This historic brick building was built in 1900 in the railroad district of Opelika, Alabama, by the current owner's grandfather. An uncle's law office that had remained on the second floor was completely restored by the visionary third generation owner, using its original furnishings.

After years of decline, it was renovated to our design, retaining as many of the existing materials as possible, though in some instances, replacement was required. Old brick, long exposed, had lost too much surface and had previously been painted. The original storefront was replaced, reinforcing the deteriorating masonry structure with brick, steel, and concrete block.


At one time, many commercial buildings in Opelika had two story metal porches, similar to those in New Orleans.  A tornado in 1947 destroyed most of these. Our design follows the historic guidelines of the City of Opelika, adding the porch as it may once have existed.

Cannon Office - Elev Bs

The wrought iron porch was constructed from cast iron parts fabricated at the Lawler Foundry in Birmingham, Alabama. The structure itself is a steel frame with a concrete deck.

The "Before" photograph at left shows the building prior to renovation.

Below are two other views of the improved facade along Eighth Street. We modified the elevation to allow some variety within the vocabulary of classical architecture.


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