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Clubhouse, Dining Area, & Pool Lounge


Gathering together is an essential human activity, and the community gathering spot must express the ideas of the surroundings in order to succeed. Like a restaurant, this is an Assembly Occupancy under the building codes, so our architects must adhere to very strict measures under the Building Codes & Life Safety Code, as well as health regulations. We are very familiar with these, so we can design your building to be safe and attractive, as well as pass the review process of local authorities.

Freestanding Taqueria


This restaurant, by Architect Andy Jessup, utilizes elaborate brickwork to create visual interest in geometries reminiscent of those familiar to the owner of the business. The deep forest green cloth awnings are meant to contrast with the lighter pink, multi-toned brick, and the yellow painted metal coping emphasizes the geometry, working with the green-and gold color scheme of the logo.


It encloses 2500 square feet of gross area, designed for a maximum occupant load of 50 persons. The Dining Area is finished in warm golds with rich, red woods in stained trim. Table tops are a honey wood, with chairs in a darker stain to match trim. The owner's aunt, a folk painter, created a rendition of the building to grace the Dining Area. The ceiling is a simple, economical lay-in, though we specified durable 2x2 panels, with cutting edge, energy-saving, warm-fluorescent lighting troffers.

This is built on a commercial site in the planned community of Eagle's Landing in Henry County, Georgia.

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