Re-Crafting the Urban Fabric

s13210PreDoc20131111SWbeforeSms13210PreDoc20131111BeforeView north on Madison Street to the new side porch

More than a century old, Woodward Academy is one of the finest private schools in the nation, its third largest independent school. Because of its excellence, parents from throughout a broad region purchase and upgrade homes nearby, so their children may walk to school from the surrounding neighborhood, in the historic downtown district of the City of College Park, Georgia.

We recently designed a home here that involved the adaptation of an existing home with extensive additions. Our clients' existing bungalow enclosed 1500 SF, built in the 1930s, and was not unattractive. Its long, "plain" side is the South Elevation of the house.

We designed a new Arts & Crafts porch to add to its South Elevation, to welcome their children home, walking north along Madison Street.  Being aware of this home's relationship to its locale, we took account of this in its design as a detached, single family residence within an older neighborhood.

The South Elevation terminates one of the main streets in the neighborhood and will be prominent in the urban fabric when finished. A comparison of the view from Madison Street "Before" and in our proposed elevation illustrates the care with which we address the context within which our designs fit.


Many modern production houses skimp on details, but we know that our clients appreciate the visual appeal that good detailing adds to their homes. As an example, for this home, we detailed exposed rafter tails and dormers in true Arts and Crafts form, as seen in the Section drawing at left. This drawing also shows our use of texture to help break the mass of the structure into well proportioned pieces.

Scale is important in older neighborhoods. Here, the Garage wing must be tall enough to allow stairway access to the new Second Floor, plus drive access required substantial exposure along Vassar Avenue. We brought this mass visually more into keeping with the scale of nearby homes by varying textures, as mentioned above, as well as by adding a shed roof over the Garage doors. The doors themselves are fashioned after barn doors of the era when the neighborhood was originally built.

Existing siding, installed by a previous owner, is preserved where possible, but other materials are added to enhance aesthetics and value.  Gables of the addition are designed with traditional cedar shakes.  The base of the house is faced with stone & cement stucco consistent with the surroundings.

Proposed West Elevation — Front of House

Construction is projected to begin in the summer of 2014. We recently learned that it was issued a building permit without a need to address comments by the plan review department of the city.

Our architecture involves new construction, additions, and renovations inclusively.  We design residential and commercial buildings. If you wish to discuss our services, please check our contact page and call or email to set a convenient time.

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